Let’s get to know each other!

Weronika and Kamil. She’s an animateur and he’s an architect, both born in the same Polish city – Bielsko-Biała.


„No, we do not travel to gain wisdom, neither to forget everyday worries and problems. No, it is not lust for knowledge neither desire to run away but curiosity, and curiosity, as I think, is separate impulse, incomparable with other drives.”

Leszek Kołakowski

Weronika Brączek – animateur and art therapist.
She deals with the organisation of cultural events and pursuing the social and educational events. Moreover, she’s a producer of multicultural projects such as “Wandering stories” created in region of Podlasie, „Jan Kowalski on emigration” telling about Polish emigration to the East or “Switch us on – multicultural social animation” organised in Argentina. She’s also a children’s counsellor in Center for Foreigners in Warsaw. In the Drama Way foundation she’s taking care of projects in the field of the Socially Involved Theater. She’s passionate about South America, where she have spent two years.

Kamil Szołtysek – by profession architect and traveler as a hobby.
Gained his professional experience in offices located in Lisbon, Copenhagen, Warsaw and Birmingham. He’s taking part in social projects connecting the topics of architecture, sociology and psychology. He was involved in creating the social space for residents of Dniepr on Ukraine and also in forming the Danish Expo pavilion in Shanghai. As a traveler, he visited over 60 countries, from North America to the far reach of Russia.

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